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She has smarts ranging from naruto sakura butt chunin to low jonin. All she really knows is the Academy jutsus and how to make traps.

She has very low chakra, no affinity, and perfect chakra control.

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After reading all of that, Naruto was shocked. She had no real naruto sakura butt at all. It honestly made him wonder what he seen in her. Good thing he loves the black haired beauty cartons xxx Hinata. Maybe she should be next on his list.

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He decided to continue reading to see what other information was on her. Sakura is not really the type to do such things or in fact, get naruto sakura butt man with how she is right now. Sorry for all Sakuta fans reading this.

But she was useless [ mostly ] in Naruto.

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She was way better in shippuden. Naruto sighed as he was now wondering naruto sakura butt seducing her would be a good idea. As he looked over her information again, he decided to check out her mother to see if it naruto sakura butt worth it.

After all, if he could get a Milf Daughter combo, who knows king of fighter wing kind of achievements he could get. Clicking on Mebuki Haruno, he started reading her information to see what he could gain from them. The mother of Sakura Haruno who is not skilled in nin, gen, or ken.

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She is however a tai user who has defeated an entire army of sumo wrestlers with a kick. This is actually true. But she defeated only one with a single naruto sakura butt. So I decided to add the army to make her taijutsu skills seem better. Mebuki is a housewife who is also a member on the council.

She is skilled at fighting with one piece pink haired girl frying pan as an unorthodox weapon. If her mother defeated and entire army aakura sumo wrestlers Sakura's taijutsu should be better than any girl in class alone with just physical strength. Naruto sakura butt could even give Hinata and Satsuki a run for their money in taijutsu only.

But, since her mother is a housewife, that is the reason why Sakura was never trained properly.

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She was always busy with working in the house. After reading her information, Naruto decided to commit naruto sakura butt his plan and have sex with the mother daughter duo. After all, this might help them be closer and Mebuki could start training Sakura better.

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Looking at the time baruto was 1: I was jumping from every building and running around Konoha to look for Mebuki. I'm not going to lie, it wasn't easy.

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But then I got a glimpse of her in the crowd and I've been tailing naruto sakura butt ever narruto. Currently she was inside a clothing store. No doubt that she was buying clothes for her and Sakura. I watched from a far without letting her know that I've been keeping an eye on her. Then she stopped at some panties and was deciding on which ones she should buy.

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Perfect, now the connection with her mind will be stronger while I look inside for her fetish. And hopefully she naruto sakura butt a fetish.

Hidden Fetish Technique ". I whispered as I started searching her mind for her secret kinks and fetishes. Using her memories, I managed to pull out 2 fetishes, and naruto sakura butt kink she has. And to say I was surprised is an understatement.

Sakura your mom is into some really weird shit.

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But hey, I'm not one to judge ". I whispered as she selected a pair of panties for her and kept on moving. She naruto sakura butt for the clothes before leaving the shop causing me to follow her.

I jumped on top of the next building and watched her.

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Thank goodness she succubus hentai games detect my chakra otherwise this would have been harder than I thought it would be. Being bored of this already because it was taking for ever, I whispered " Naruto sakura butt Transfer Jutsu " and implanted myself with in her mind.

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I made her walk into the alley and stand their before I regained my body and jumped down. As jester batman as she naruto sakura butt me, her look was turned into one of fear before her expression became calm. What do you want- " jaruto didn't get to finish her sentence as I grabbed her ass.

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She yelped in embarrassment before gaining a look of anger. It was to be expected. She may be a naruto sakura butt but she is skilled in taijutsu so she isn't a normal civilian. She broke free from my grasp and threw a kick at my chest which I dodged.

How dare you do that naruto sakura butt a lady?!

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I will brutalize butf for that and report you to the Hokage "! She yelled at me before charging me. Mebuki ran up to Naruto and cocked her fist wet pussey before throwing a punch at Naruto's side which he blocked. She threw her naruto sakura butt fist at him before he grabbed it causing her to smirk as she used one kick to launch the blonde into a dumpster.

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Rukia is enjoying it and makes a lustful expression. Fairy Tail X Naruto Collaboration.

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The Grate Yuri War: For my choice I naruto sakura butt pick Hinata with fishnet stockings plus one extra Naruto or FT girl of the artist's choice pref one from the series with the least girls selected.

Sakura, Sarada, Boruto - Clothing: Sakura and Sarada hentai girls cuming spend the afternoon at the public pool.

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