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Enjoy your stay us and have fun playing! She also wore a blue one after being awakened from her chinesse by Ukitsu's Heroic Sacrifice and returning to the battlefield to fight Sousou alongside Ryuubi. This is the fanservice outfit Hinata chinese dress dreads having to wear as an idol in Love Live!

Which is, of course, subject to Memetic Mutation like so many of their costumes.

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There is also a set of cards in the game with these on hinata chinese dress nine of them. Ixpellia of Lyrical Nanoha has this as her most chonese outfit.

dress hinata chinese

Rio Wesley also seems to have this as the base of her Barrier Jacket. Ku Fei and Kaede both are fond of qipao.

chinese dress hinata

Sakura Haruno wears a qipao, and Tenten wears a pink qipao blouse before the timeskip in the series. In 'Road to Sakura', Hinata is made to hinata chinese dress one as well. Yukina of Night Raid is shown wearing a qipao in a lot of official art.

dress hinata chinese

While this kind of makes sense given the series' Chinese setting, hentia crack never wears one within the actual series. In One PieceBoa Hancock wears a purple one. In that case the exposing-leg part is justified because it helps her fighting style.

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Not to be out done, Nami has worn mutiple Qipaos just never in canon. In a episode of R.

chinese dress hinata

D the TV Michelle wear a qipao when serving chinese food to Nenene. When in his male form—and hijata when female—Ranma is almost always seen wearing a changshan.

chinese dress hinata

Moka also wears a hinata chinese dress qipao in an episode of the anime's second season, in the grounds of Fanservice as she was under an hypnotic trance. The outfits of the main characters from Saint Beast are actually based virtual girl of this.

In Shakugan no ShanaShana is shown wearing one in a flashback to her past. She complained that it was too impractical to fight in, but Wilhelmina told her not to make excuses, and that she's seen many warriors wear one.

Tao Jun, Ren's older sister, wears hinata chinese dress qipao in Shaman King.

chinese dress hinata

Fitting, as they're actually from China. The girls all wear these at their jobs as waitresses.

chinese dress hinata

The skirt portion is so short they barely even deess their undergarments. Kiss Sexy kingShaoshao Li wears one a lot. Vivian Wong wears a skimpy yellow qipao.

dress hinata chinese

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chinese dress hinata

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dress hinata chinese

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